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Nu kan du koppla Aesculon® direkt till en biventrikulär extern-pacemaker från Osypka. Data från pacemakern överförs till Aesculon® via en kabel.


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”The results of the present study demonstrate a close correlation and clinically acceptable agreement and precision between postoperative CO measurements obtained with a new-generation TEB device with a novel proprietary modification of the impedance equation and the clinical “gold standard” pulmonary artery thermodilution across a broad range of CI data. The differences between the two methods were within 15% in more than 90% of the patients, which indicates good agreement.”

Citat från artikel av Stefan Suttner m fl - se nedan



”In this study, we found good agreement between the haemodynamic values measured by electrical velocimetry and those obtained from PA or PiCCO measurements. Therefore, electrical velocimetry, a new impedance cardiography algorithm, is a suitable method for evaluating haemodynamic parameters with clinically acceptable accuracy.”

Citat från artikel av N.Zoremba m fl - se nedan


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Artiklar med AESCULON®

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Posters med AESCULON®

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